Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The Soul Flayer

'Drain Soul effect added: Each time the Drain Soul damages the target, it also has a chance to generate a Soul Shard.' -MMOChampion.

-The Soul Flayer-

Furious flames engulf the land,
and thrashing sand
a Warlock's hand?

What awaken such a wicked beast,
a monthly feast?
will such a blight cease?

Alas, the blast and turmoil follows,
thus deathly hollows,
rants soon follow.

Soulless, soul flayer, cold and hard.
no more to be charred,
he's out of shards.

This small poem i wrote represents what a warlock can experience during certain circumstances. The frustration a warlock feels in his bleeding heart when he cannot soul fire his enemy's face- cannot summon somebody- when he cannot take it! When i read the quote at the top of this post, i cheered a little :D-- its going to get a little bit easier. I can do Soul Drain earlier and increases the amount of shards i gain and decrease the downtime during trash (someones gotta' take out the trash).

Often raids are when we need to make most use of our skills- for the team, for the greater good. But what good is lack of shards? I mean, yeah its our responsibility, but dang'. Shard farming pre-raid gets repetitive i will admit- although we all share our burdens! Bag space isn't a problem, most classes have to carry some reagent or another, but shards are being looked at as we speak by Blizzard, and for good reason!

The Problem:
It is a love hate relationship for me; shards are unique. We can capture the dying breaths of our enemy's- its cool, i enjoy having something some people have experienced yet. I don't mind the shard farming....until. Until a wipe night. Malygos? Archimonde? and what is more annoying is when i got to a old instance, and cannot summon somebody there, the mobs are too low level! Sometimes trash die to soon to keep Soul Drain on long enough to register, and sometimes they stun- they feaaarrr- they counter spell.

The Diagnostic:
That's up to us- I believe shards are fundamental to a warlock's charm, and despite there technically annoyance, i want them to stay. So, anybody any ideas as to what we can do to keep them, but make them better? :). I think making shards able to be gained from monsters of any level would be a good start.

What do you think?

/Publish Post: "Error: Missing Reagent, Soul Shard".


  1. Having not really played a warlock i can't fully appreciate the fustration you must feel..the closest feeling i could get to this is being unable to find a regeant vendor or humanoid corpse to summon my DK's minion. Anyway nice mini poem something definitely unique and outstanding. Looking forward to your next post!

  2. I've always felt sorry for locks for the bag aspect of it. But then I'm a hamster - I fill my bag with tons of trash and never seem to be able to pull myself togheter and sort it out. No one to blame but myself.

    Anyway it seems like a cool thing - it definitly is a part of what's essentially "warlockishW. I hope they can twist it a little bit so it gets more practical to handla for you.

  3. @Chimeran: Thats wise of you to say but glad you understand how it is, and yeah-- regeants can sometimes work in the same way- when you dont have them in the worse of times (like trying to make a good impression) you can feel very, very annoyed.

    @larisa: Hamsters are very cute i think :D- but yeah-- you really should clear out the trash or your going to get rats in your bags ;).

    Comments appreicated!

  4. Yay for another warlocky blog! Very nice poem indeed. :)

    Last month I had posted about soul shards and tried to think of something cool to do with them. Some of my commenters came up with better ideas than myself. About the only thing I came up with was adding a bonus stat to our shard bag like hunter quivers/ammo pouches.

    It's a tricky thing, what to do with them. But at least stackable would be nice!

    (In case you want to check out that post,

    I just hope GC's reassurances that they have something cool in store for us turns out to be right!


  5. Hey Syrana, thanks :); Your post was gre, as i stated on the comment.

    "About the only thing I came up with was
    adding a bonus stat to our shard bag like
    hunter quivers/ammo pouches."

    Yeah- thats a pretty awesome idea tbh.

    Normal Bags for Shards:
    -Positive: More range of items held.
    -Negative: No stats.

    Shard bag:
    -Positive: Stats and if you use shards more space :D
    -negative: Cant store normal stuff on the off-chance'.

    Thanks for comment :)