Friday, 6 March 2009

Into The Eyes of Madness

The Eye of Eternity:

I thought it would be intresting to talk about this encounter, as it is one of my favorites, just to get you to know a bit more of what i like and i dont like :).
Maylgos to me is an excellent encounter that displays both anticipation and executation in a refined form of raid boss. Malygos is commonly spilt and identified into three phases;

1: Sparks - Ground
2: Discs and Deep Breath - Ground and Air
3: Drakes - Air

Well, by ground i mean the platform you first start on- before malygos decides to do a spring clean and takes the entire raid instance with him. I love this phase- i love big numbers, and although the fight as a whole is very beautiful- i love the Vortex spell. I would like one, but that isn't going to happen ;).
This phase is vital you stun the sparks(or dps on time)- you must deal with sparks on time, but not early or late, too early meeans melee feel no benefit and too late means a higher chance of fried tank served with wipeshake with rants to go'.

Ground and Air:
Really Awesome, whilst your fighting a bubble protecting yourself and healing your allies, above you is another battlefield- killing all the Guardians and getting the Scion-discs on the floor to allow more melee to do a more useful job.

This phase is such a breath of fresh air- Skill > Gear- I'm glad blizzard are doing more of this :).
This is very fun yet frustrating at first, but once you get the hang of it, Malygos still is a nice fight because its a three-in-one combo;
Ground, Ground and Air, Air.
I love fights like this, important tactics such as spark and Malygos kiting, organising who goes on scions first, who does this; Its great- its a challenge, but not too impossible; at first its all a blue of tactics, but the feeble feeling of conquering Malygos makes you realise-
It was worth staring Into The Eyes of Madness.


  1. I still havent done malygos yet, cant wait to try it now tho!

  2. Don't forget the psychadelic factor in the fight. All those swirling matterns make me quite confused - even nauseaus. There have been moments in phase 3 when I've been unable to tell what's up and down. Whenever I make my way through this, surviving, getting out of the clouds, it's a personal victory which I enjoy immensly.

  3. @Chimeran: Im sure you'll have great fun :)

    Yeah larisa, definatly something i could of mentioned, although i never have that problem, i can understand why people do- its strange, the freedom is excellent though; being bound to a platform then suddenly your flying :D.
    Thanks for your comments!
    A awesome victory indeed :D.