Thursday, 12 March 2009

Comic Relief

Hey, its Comic Relief 09'- and im going to be in London, dressed as superman, with 4 other friends doing similar in costume- raising money looking silly. Going to be great- never been London, and enjoyed this charity event, aswell as it being a free day of school.

however, this great charity event taking place tommorow was all for free :) as its for charity and in costume and were sponsered to raise money, which is great to see peoples support; but it reminded me of a saying.

"Im look stupid for charity, whats your excuse?"
Kind of reminded me how people act in trade- how they think its funny being horrible assholes, looking silly- reminding us why we we were once(or still are) animals.
At the same time people try to be funny and just discuss in trade- whcih to me is fine- its more global then general so i can understand the need for a bigger community- like a blog community, only shorter and less writing more controversy. At the same time i think trade should be for trade, but what can blizzard do?
what do you think?
Global General channel? yes or no?


  1. I must say that even though there is some crap going in in trade and general I sort of miss the banter when I'm questing in remote areas. I want Azeroth to be crowdes, so I'm not so picky about which channel is what and to keep them clear and silent.

    What would the Stormrage server be without Cacknoob???

  2. A global chat channel could be interesting. One some RP servers there are OOC channels and RP channels which are accessed globally, and those tended to be busier. At least it seemed so to me when I was on an RP server back in the day. ;)


  3. The thing i'd enjoy about a Global channel is if you feel the need to expand your World of Warcraft social network, you can- or turn it off.

    The good thing of turning it off is that people will still advertise instances in /1 and LFG because its just as easy. Odds are trade will still get "LFG Marudon" but at least the talk and banter would of moved and if you enjoy the banter you can see it regardless. (except in instances and raids for obvious reasons).

    I never been on a RP server :O

    Thanks for your comments guys :)