Sunday, 11 October 2009

And so it begins...

I mean, really. How excited am I for new soul shard system?
Pretty damn much.

How nervous am I that it makes me not enjoy Warlock?
not at all. As long as I get to fry brains practice dark magic and kick people I don't mind. Now what about your class? Worried, nervous? I don't blame you- doesn't mean your unloyal to your class for being worried, but sometimes I do get very attached to my class, sometimes I totally ignore all the other classes and only look at the warlock changes.

Sometimes, Only Sometimes;

But it happens none the less. And Then I think-- Is this classes as RP'ing? Surely not, because "I'm not talking like Medieval riff-raff, dear reader of the nether. Now then, Would you care to help me sly a dragon oh noble warrior?". But yet sometimes I get touchy about my class as if it was family, me, my profession- and I rejoice when things go right for my class.

What is this?

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Who needs Content to Walk a Dog.

Who needs content to walk a dog. And by dog I mean doggy, and by doggy I mean Anachronos.

Anachronos you say? Big dragon outside of Caverns of Time(Tanaris)? Why- he'd bite your head off given the chance......2 Expansions ago. But now we're bigger then him and we bullied him out of his resting place all the way to....Orgrimmar. Orgrimmar in Durotar, and whats more amazing is why we did it.

Me and a few friends were about to engulf in a Heroic CoT: Stratholme run (my first as a Restoration Shaman, ding 80 btw!) when we went to the summoning stone to summon our 0ther comrades! As we finished summoning everybody my friends had the awesome idea (it was not my idea, I was worried about healing). They wanted to attack Anachronos! but why not, would be a 'but of fun' before the heroic. But it didn't end there. Out of impulse, we decided to kite it all the way to Gadgetzan, and it worked. But again, it didn't stop there.

We decided, again out of fun, madness and impulse to kite it ALL the way to Orgrimmar. Its amazing. All the content in the world and we're kiting a level 60(?? specifically) dragon to Orgrimmar, another reason why I love WoW- and if you're intrested in the video, here it is.

Of course, we're not the only muppets who've done it, but it just felt so fun. And yet so unproductive in terms of WoW. Great fun, please share anything live this you've done :).

Friday, 10 July 2009

Impending Vanity.

So- here we are. Ulduar has been out quite a long time now- considering, and Naxxaramas is almost considered deceased, so how has my armoured evolved since? Quite simply, patchy.

My DPS, in my honest opinion is fantastic considering the lack of Ulduar epics I've had- I'm still coming 2nd or 3rd at least on DPS, but the only thing that troubles me is that now I'm starting to get Tier 8, I'm also becoming a battle of the ages.

I'm half Naxx tier, Half Ulduar. It looks OK, but at the same time strange. Its like two era's fighting for recognition- its bizarre. Having said that i quite like the look, it shows I'm seasoned in both places, like a warrior carrying the barrier of the decease yet still fighting in the new scenarios brought to him.

I also love the set bonus on both, but I've now lost the (4) set bonus on the tier 7, which grants 300 spirit (which is lovely if you've also got the lifetap glyph, I recommend to every warlock).

So, all i want now is some tier 8 shoulder to compleate my evil dracula look, and will rid me of tier 7 for all it seems, but will remain in my bank, as it looks fantastic when your killing people. :).

Long live warlocks.

P.s Yogg-saron is getting better, 40% so far!

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Yoggy Yogurt Pot.

I'm excited-- again. No way. Its been a while, whats causing all this excitement?

The possibility of a wipefest.

Ever since Wrath of the Lich King, there have been very few places for wipefests for us, and for that reason my passion to play lowered...But only very slightly, im still hooked, always will. Whats causing the excitement again is what was caused when we first faced Gruul, Kael'thalas, Illidan, Malygos, Sarth 3D. Possiblity,

Possibility to be victorious in our efforts against Yogg-saron. We managed to down every boss first time last raid, and because of this- we have a full 3 hours and 30 minutes on Yogg-Saron- and i really think we can do it. I'm not being cocky, I'm not being arrogant, I'm being realistic. We had a forum post telling us something was wrong in the raid and we need to fix it- and i think we did.

With out new raid team persona intact- I'm confident we can get Yogg-Saron to his final phase at least, but only time will tell. I'm excited that tonight, I shall be raiding, wiping, and feeling like the days in TBC.

For me this is good, and the challenge is what makes the nectar all that more sweeter.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Throwing Stones Across Forbidden Waters

We've been hit. We've been hit! Man the harpoons, lower the anchor, Midsummer is here!

And what do I think to the fire festival? Well, what I truly feel is within the element, fire.
A Lamenting Flame. A truly bolstering blaze blackening skies and darkening days to truly roar with crackles and snaps and truly destined to do just that.

But then,

It begins to lament, and the material fueling the fire begins to clog up the bottom of the pile, clog up my mind, clog me up completely.

The Lamenting Flame is exactly how I feel, when I enjoy getting gold from the Horde and Alliance fires (I mean, 5-13g per fire, fantastic!). But then, the flame laments when I get attacked by Horde when i left them alone. When I have to go a long way, when I have to do insane things because I murdered a few goblins(OK, I lied, I'm Bloodsail Admiral, but they looked at me funny!)

Something else that caught my eye for the first time;
Shadowprey Village, Its so beautiful. Off the West coast of Desolace, such a forsaken place, and suddenly a delightful dock of which the Horde bestow their finest fishing industrie. How odd. I never saw this place, so i sat on the dock proud as punch' despite clearly being in forbidden grounds, looking across forbidden waters, throwing stones, alarming guards.

For this reason alone', I admire the travelling of this bonfire task.

To be Quite Honest, I think the midsummer festival is a metaphor wrapped in a metaphor wrapped in juicy bacon. Its vibrant and busy, pretty fun, dancing Draenai fire and torch juggling is all fine and dandy, but after doing the elders' I've seen quite enough of Kalimdor for my liking. But Kromus, Kromus! Don't quit, you've done all the world events so far, and your half a year away from your violet proto-drake! These thoughts echoe my mind like the tortured screams of Arthas' victims amongst Icecrown.

I'm ever growing impatient with these bonfires, yet I love doing it. Such a double edge sword, would you agree? I can't help but feel mixed feelings about such an event. And as a off-note, what are we desecrating the horde bonfires with, I dare ask.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Argent Hippogriff

I've been saving for the Argent Hippogriff, why? because im going for a achivement. The mountain o' mounts is a cool achievement- its really hard- but possible. It mostly requires grinding and money, but mostly grinding, because you have to grind the money, haha! Anyway, why do i bother with this achivement?;

-The mount; The Blue Dragonhawk. It looks cool :D and its very rare!
-The fun; I dont know why - but i love the aspect of a good grind with hefty reward

Do you ever feel this way? whenever i seen something rare thats worth grinding for and hard to do, its my incentive to go for it. I already have the Swift White Hawkstrider the 2nd day of The Isle of Quel'danas patch (i was the first allaince on stormrage to get it :O) and i have 2 warlock mounts at my advantage, the only thing i need is a lot more rare mounts and to buy all of the netherdrakes, and im currently at 65 mounts.

I also got the Red Quarji Battletank from Ahn'Quaraj recently, which was fun :D and got a feat of strength for it.

I love this grind and im here to let you know i think you would to.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Zangarmarsh In My Backgarden?

Well - its strange you see, England has been having some pretty damn awful weather, it doesn't take a meteorologist to tell you that' -- but I will anyway, the weather sucked. But these last couple of days has been pretty paradise, especially today(technically yesterday as I'm writing this at 2 o clock in the morning). So, I did what I rarely do; I enjoyed the sun. Can of Pepsi. Back garden swing, observed my sun flowers (hey, us Warlocks have green fingers too!).

--On a side note Chelsea Flower show must of been great with the weather how it is!

Whilst drinking my Pepsi and admiring the view of the garden life-- WoW came into my mind. I was thinking "what looks better, my back garden or WoW?". An unusual question, hell I couldn't answer it at first-- but then I came to the conclusion of my back garden- comparing two places, my back garden and Zangarmarsh*my favorite WoW zone for beauty*. What would cause

such a question, comparison, spark of the imagination. Well, I'm not sure really- but here is my reasons: World of Warcraft is programmable, its a pretty as the creator wants it to be, and its done that way on purpose. Real life is random. No blue print- just a load of atoms poured into a everlasting vessel of void and valid. The accidental creation of my back garden by the local real estates deciding to build there, and the solar input, and percipitiation of the rain to cause growth is a lot more inspiring then a 3d Model Emulator that would be used for Zangarmarsh.

Imagine your back garden, hey it may not be up to scratch, but its yours. Possibly. Zangarmarsh, besides the fact Mushrooms of that size live in a fairy tale as oppose to England, is programmed. Purposely placed. When reading this, I want you to make the same comparison I did, think of how it became how it did, and compare it to your favorite WoW zone beauty wise.

You don't have to post what thoughts were provoked, but it'll provoke something that is for sure.