Friday, 5 June 2009

Argent Hippogriff

I've been saving for the Argent Hippogriff, why? because im going for a achivement. The mountain o' mounts is a cool achievement- its really hard- but possible. It mostly requires grinding and money, but mostly grinding, because you have to grind the money, haha! Anyway, why do i bother with this achivement?;

-The mount; The Blue Dragonhawk. It looks cool :D and its very rare!
-The fun; I dont know why - but i love the aspect of a good grind with hefty reward

Do you ever feel this way? whenever i seen something rare thats worth grinding for and hard to do, its my incentive to go for it. I already have the Swift White Hawkstrider the 2nd day of The Isle of Quel'danas patch (i was the first allaince on stormrage to get it :O) and i have 2 warlock mounts at my advantage, the only thing i need is a lot more rare mounts and to buy all of the netherdrakes, and im currently at 65 mounts.

I also got the Red Quarji Battletank from Ahn'Quaraj recently, which was fun :D and got a feat of strength for it.

I love this grind and im here to let you know i think you would to.

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