Sunday, 24 May 2009

Zangarmarsh In My Backgarden?

Well - its strange you see, England has been having some pretty damn awful weather, it doesn't take a meteorologist to tell you that' -- but I will anyway, the weather sucked. But these last couple of days has been pretty paradise, especially today(technically yesterday as I'm writing this at 2 o clock in the morning). So, I did what I rarely do; I enjoyed the sun. Can of Pepsi. Back garden swing, observed my sun flowers (hey, us Warlocks have green fingers too!).

--On a side note Chelsea Flower show must of been great with the weather how it is!

Whilst drinking my Pepsi and admiring the view of the garden life-- WoW came into my mind. I was thinking "what looks better, my back garden or WoW?". An unusual question, hell I couldn't answer it at first-- but then I came to the conclusion of my back garden- comparing two places, my back garden and Zangarmarsh*my favorite WoW zone for beauty*. What would cause

such a question, comparison, spark of the imagination. Well, I'm not sure really- but here is my reasons: World of Warcraft is programmable, its a pretty as the creator wants it to be, and its done that way on purpose. Real life is random. No blue print- just a load of atoms poured into a everlasting vessel of void and valid. The accidental creation of my back garden by the local real estates deciding to build there, and the solar input, and percipitiation of the rain to cause growth is a lot more inspiring then a 3d Model Emulator that would be used for Zangarmarsh.

Imagine your back garden, hey it may not be up to scratch, but its yours. Possibly. Zangarmarsh, besides the fact Mushrooms of that size live in a fairy tale as oppose to England, is programmed. Purposely placed. When reading this, I want you to make the same comparison I did, think of how it became how it did, and compare it to your favorite WoW zone beauty wise.

You don't have to post what thoughts were provoked, but it'll provoke something that is for sure.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Fire and Brimstone

As you know, fellow Warlocks - - we had been been nerfed in PvE - if you were destruction. Granted it was a small nerf, but a nerf none the less- but Blizzard have done the right thing *ok so my Felguard may of helped a little convincing them* and have buffed us in PvE but kept our PvP nice and balanced. (hooray!).

Fire and Brimstone no longer requires 5 seconds remaining on Imolate to grant Conflagorate 25% extra critical, its all the time now - - and chaos bolt and incinerate now gain a bonus of 15%.
This is good - - this is very good.

However, im not sure if it will stay this way -- and im worried about the conflagorate glyph getting changed to something totally different- which then suggests there going to make conflagarate not consume imolate anymore regardless - - but im not sure. I need some mroe warlock inspiration, calling back up!

Help a warlock reduce his carbon emisions by not needing to spam incinerate and emit carbon rottingpveboss-ide into the atomsphere, just let us one shot it ;). haha.

On a offnote im starting to find Affliction fun :)

Monday, 18 May 2009

[KKBP] Kurinaxx

This Was made by me,based on similar posters done in this fashion about different classes in Team Fortress 2, and apart from the TF2 Logo, everything was drawn, would of been too hard to edit over it, was fun to do :). Team Fortress 2 rocks btw.

[KKBP]: "Kromus Kaption Boss Profile"
"Kromus has provided us with vital useless yet necessary information about insignificant bosses since the discovery of the Rosseta Stone"- Albert Einstein

I never met Albert Einstien, but if i did, I'm sure he'd appreciate Kurinaxx just as much as we all should! No- this is not just a pointless Boss Profile, this is the first of the many I intend to do. But we must ask the question-- why? To scream tactics and say your a n00b if you don't do it exactly the same?-- no. Memories. Fun. Memories. For fun!

So, first thing is first. Kurinaxx. Lets get jiggy! You properly know him already, but if you don't, consider this an education you can't afford to miss! I won't be making this a factual preach, but a informal informative post of my opinion on such a beautiful creature.

Location: Ahn'Quraj 20 man -- Silithus (Level 60 Boss)
Loot: Various tier 0.5 equivalent gear, level 60 Blues.
Ability of the Day: Sand Traps: Sand traps will silence you for a long time if you don't move. Very bad. Kurinaxx is one big fat silencing machine, which can prove costly- its almost 20 seconds!

What makes Kurinaxx special? to me-- its in the name. Kurinaxx-a-ramas. But not just that, hes cool. Hes not stupid- like Archimonde- he uses his fingers(or claws, in this case) of doom straight away, rather then doing what Archimonde does and wait till the end. Kurinaxx is just a bug. A big fat bug.

Friday, 15 May 2009

Hide and Seek

What do I love about WoW? The option.
If you like PvP, go PvP. If you don't. don't. Fishing..etc....Its endless.
So when it comes to out of game content, stuff not really advertised with the game, I get excited.

The Scenario:
Zyalia: "I'm leaving group a moment-"
Kromus: "Why? :O"

Zyalia:"I'm in Stormwind, good luck. 10 minutes tops :D haha"

The Solution:
I LOVE HIDE AND SEEK. Even at 17 I sometimes hide from friends and family to scare them, and this concept made me think- imagine something like this on a much larger scale. "Hey, I'm in Azeroth"..."Hey im in Outland"....."I'm somewhere, come find me". Its a big world, with lots of hiding spots, lots of places perhaps unseen to the naked eye-- but seriously, if somebody said "Find me and I'll give you 1000g" where would you look first?

Would you do it chronologically? "Top to bottom".
Randomly? Would you even be interested?

In the Scenario I mentioned above, she was in an alleyway in Stormwind. Quite clever but i already thought to look there as i thought "Where would i hide" and let me nose do the sniffin'.
WoW is one big playground, so hide and seek is definitely a game we can do without repair bills :D

Anxiety and Patience withhold. Is that them? you stare at the clock until the hands melt with heat from your eyes. I love hiding, but i also enjoying seeking, but only if i find them :P.

Although, i do accept losing pretty gracefully.

This also links to an achievement/title; "The Seeker" when you complete 3000 quests. I don't understand, hows doing all those quests seeking something? I'm not convinced. "Crusader" or "Adventurer" or "toomuchsparetime" would be more relevant in my opinion.

Monday, 11 May 2009


Oh dear, looks like we are up to our eyeballs in acronyms! (shortened words). Well, after reading a post by Mister K about content skipping by new 80s', which can be found here, I asked myself a question.

Does everybody enjoy going to 'old-school' raids? I came up with "No". My assumption of "No" being because we all certianly have different levels of memories-- and I know some people may not want to drag them up. Karazhan for example;

I loved, love, loving Karazhan-- i don't know why, is it the design? it certainly isn't the host, hes a bit angry. No, no, its the memories. The wipes. Being a raid leader there and looking like i knew what i was doing to 9 others, when really i was as lost as them-- but as a leader you act as somebody to be the first to explore uncharted waters. Although many bad things happened, the good over threw it.

Pre-TBC naxx, however, gives me horrible memories from wipes and bad sportsmanship, so i wouldn't want to go there again (although New Naxx is the same, its not.)

Baring this in mind, people may not want to do old stuff altogether, "out with the old and in with the new"-- but i treasure some of those memories, and this leaves me thinking weather level 60-80 should involve the same process we had to. But I'm not so sure. Even after writing this blog post I'm still not sure how i feel about the situation.

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Titles, Stormwind- Flooded WoW

Guys- we've been hit by a serious flood;
Titles, Stormwind and Jaina, oh my!

Jaina and Fordragon:
Jaina: Oh my god-- hide me! *hides behind Fordragon's shield.
Fordragon: What? evil has approached? i shall van- that...a title?
Jaina: Stop staring! *in a embarrased tone*
Fordragon: Oh god- hes headed this way...
Kromus Hands in quest to Fordragon
Reward: Nothing

Quest Text: OH MY GOD ITS A PLEASURE TO MEET YOU....Kromus, of the Shattered Sun, if i batted for the other team I'd--never mind. Have a good day.

Jaina: Wow , i can't believe we got to meet him.
Fordragon: Yeah, I hope he comes back soon...

That was in TBC.
"Kromus of Stormwind":
Just recently i obtained the "of Stormwind" Title.

That conversation may of made no sense- no humour- no point, but there was. Ain't' titles common nowadays- and you know what- I'm confused. Somebody help me,

help me decide weather its a good thing or not.
Well, its good that you can get amazing titles "Salty", "Magic Seeker" -- but the more common they get the less they seem a cosmetic impact, because that's all they are- or are they? I think a title should be a judgement of your character-- if you have a raiding title on, your a raider. If you have "Bloodsail Admiral" of which I'm a proud owner, your playful. However, the problem is if you want people to know your a serious raider, but want a funny name, what do you do?

So were flooded with titles. I want to use them all. I cant. This is annoying- Jaina know longer bats her eyelashes at me, and Fordragon is dead. Lol. Somebody throw me

A life jacket!

Saturday, 2 May 2009


Caps. I love caps'- in certain situations. Emphaisise, jokes, the whole collection. But why must we use it as a method of grabbing attention.

Yes, it works- but for the wrong reason. Kiss goodbye to your request, your going to get flammed. Its rude. Its like speaking child to a foreigner, there not stupid, just not as literate at your language, dont be rude.

Please spell it right at least, too.

Group requests in caps are annoying, but at least make sense.

Does it only annoy me? IT REALLY annoys me (haha i used caps, but in the right context, no?).
Not only does it get under my skin, it brings out a ferocious side of me thats lurked in the Nether for all too long- when im angry, im angry, and when my felguards angry he hurts more. Demonic Empowerment or not.

Dont do drugs, dont do caps.