Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Fire and Brimstone

As you know, fellow Warlocks - - we had been been nerfed in PvE - if you were destruction. Granted it was a small nerf, but a nerf none the less- but Blizzard have done the right thing *ok so my Felguard may of helped a little convincing them* and have buffed us in PvE but kept our PvP nice and balanced. (hooray!).

Fire and Brimstone no longer requires 5 seconds remaining on Imolate to grant Conflagorate 25% extra critical, its all the time now - - and chaos bolt and incinerate now gain a bonus of 15%.
This is good - - this is very good.

However, im not sure if it will stay this way -- and im worried about the conflagorate glyph getting changed to something totally different- which then suggests there going to make conflagarate not consume imolate anymore regardless - - but im not sure. I need some mroe warlock inspiration, calling back up!

Help a warlock reduce his carbon emisions by not needing to spam incinerate and emit carbon rottingpveboss-ide into the atomsphere, just let us one shot it ;). haha.

On a offnote im starting to find Affliction fun :)

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