Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Titles, Stormwind- Flooded WoW

Guys- we've been hit by a serious flood;
Titles, Stormwind and Jaina, oh my!

Jaina and Fordragon:
Jaina: Oh my god-- hide me! *hides behind Fordragon's shield.
Fordragon: What? evil has approached? i shall van- wait..is that...a title?
Jaina: Stop staring! *in a embarrased tone*
Fordragon: Oh god- hes headed this way...
Kromus Hands in quest to Fordragon
Reward: Nothing

Quest Text: OH MY GOD ITS A PLEASURE TO MEET YOU....Kromus, of the Shattered Sun, if i batted for the other team I'd--never mind. Have a good day.

Jaina: Wow , i can't believe we got to meet him.
Fordragon: Yeah, I hope he comes back soon...

That was in TBC.
"Kromus of Stormwind":
Just recently i obtained the "of Stormwind" Title.

That conversation may of made no sense- no humour- no point, but there was. Ain't' titles common nowadays- and you know what- I'm confused. Somebody help me,

help me decide weather its a good thing or not.
Well, its good that you can get amazing titles "Salty", "Magic Seeker" -- but the more common they get the less they seem a cosmetic impact, because that's all they are- or are they? I think a title should be a judgement of your character-- if you have a raiding title on, your a raider. If you have "Bloodsail Admiral" of which I'm a proud owner, your playful. However, the problem is if you want people to know your a serious raider, but want a funny name, what do you do?

So were flooded with titles. I want to use them all. I cant. This is annoying- Jaina know longer bats her eyelashes at me, and Fordragon is dead. Lol. Somebody throw me

A life jacket!


  1. I feel split about this as well. I just got "of Gnomearegan". Being kind of obsessed with gnomes I should from now on never ever wear any title but this one. On the other hand I really like "merrymaker" and I think "Elder" is kind of appropriate for me. Still I value Twilight Vanquisher highest. Decisions, decisions... Maybe make it random, like you can do with companion pets. A macro, anyone?

  2. I do a lot of pugs with my death knight, so I use whatever title makes me look the most experienced. Right now that is "Champion of the Frozen Wastes". Fortunately for me, this is also the title I like best myself. The only title I have on my priest is "the Noble", but I'm not even sure if I want to show that one. Noblegarden was a bit of a grind and full of rude behaviour. It's not really something I'm proud of or want people to see.

  3. @Larisa: Yeah-- I really want to wear Bloodsail admiral, but scared people will think im a joker. Twilight Vanquisher shows i mean buiness but at the same time it could be too serious?- and i like your choice of "The Elder" because its a cool title and a higher authority in some religions. Elder Sing-yan will test you...blahblah. lmfao. I dont know.

    @Kel: Champion of the Frozen wastes is a nice title, and its not easy to get, but its not hard- and it sounds petty awesome. I'd love to use that too-- im so spilt about what i want to use.

    Oh and about Noble Garden: it was a horrible display of greed and selfishness. I agree with you on that- if to be noble one must be greedy then i do not want to be Noble ;P.