Monday, 18 May 2009

[KKBP] Kurinaxx

This Was made by me,based on similar posters done in this fashion about different classes in Team Fortress 2, and apart from the TF2 Logo, everything was drawn, would of been too hard to edit over it, was fun to do :). Team Fortress 2 rocks btw.

[KKBP]: "Kromus Kaption Boss Profile"
"Kromus has provided us with vital useless yet necessary information about insignificant bosses since the discovery of the Rosseta Stone"- Albert Einstein

I never met Albert Einstien, but if i did, I'm sure he'd appreciate Kurinaxx just as much as we all should! No- this is not just a pointless Boss Profile, this is the first of the many I intend to do. But we must ask the question-- why? To scream tactics and say your a n00b if you don't do it exactly the same?-- no. Memories. Fun. Memories. For fun!

So, first thing is first. Kurinaxx. Lets get jiggy! You properly know him already, but if you don't, consider this an education you can't afford to miss! I won't be making this a factual preach, but a informal informative post of my opinion on such a beautiful creature.

Location: Ahn'Quraj 20 man -- Silithus (Level 60 Boss)
Loot: Various tier 0.5 equivalent gear, level 60 Blues.
Ability of the Day: Sand Traps: Sand traps will silence you for a long time if you don't move. Very bad. Kurinaxx is one big fat silencing machine, which can prove costly- its almost 20 seconds!

What makes Kurinaxx special? to me-- its in the name. Kurinaxx-a-ramas. But not just that, hes cool. Hes not stupid- like Archimonde- he uses his fingers(or claws, in this case) of doom straight away, rather then doing what Archimonde does and wait till the end. Kurinaxx is just a bug. A big fat bug.

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