Friday, 15 May 2009

Hide and Seek

What do I love about WoW? The option.
If you like PvP, go PvP. If you don't. don't. Fishing..etc....Its endless.
So when it comes to out of game content, stuff not really advertised with the game, I get excited.

The Scenario:
Zyalia: "I'm leaving group a moment-"
Kromus: "Why? :O"

Zyalia:"I'm in Stormwind, good luck. 10 minutes tops :D haha"

The Solution:
I LOVE HIDE AND SEEK. Even at 17 I sometimes hide from friends and family to scare them, and this concept made me think- imagine something like this on a much larger scale. "Hey, I'm in Azeroth"..."Hey im in Outland"....."I'm somewhere, come find me". Its a big world, with lots of hiding spots, lots of places perhaps unseen to the naked eye-- but seriously, if somebody said "Find me and I'll give you 1000g" where would you look first?

Would you do it chronologically? "Top to bottom".
Randomly? Would you even be interested?

In the Scenario I mentioned above, she was in an alleyway in Stormwind. Quite clever but i already thought to look there as i thought "Where would i hide" and let me nose do the sniffin'.
WoW is one big playground, so hide and seek is definitely a game we can do without repair bills :D

Anxiety and Patience withhold. Is that them? you stare at the clock until the hands melt with heat from your eyes. I love hiding, but i also enjoying seeking, but only if i find them :P.

Although, i do accept losing pretty gracefully.

This also links to an achievement/title; "The Seeker" when you complete 3000 quests. I don't understand, hows doing all those quests seeking something? I'm not convinced. "Crusader" or "Adventurer" or "toomuchsparetime" would be more relevant in my opinion.


  1. Well.. you have to seek out all those quests! :P

    Last Halloween, one of the activities as part of the Masquerade Ball was "Find the Hooligan."

    At the time I had a second account... I had this story about a hooligan stealing candy and party supplies from Syrana. I had parked him somewhere in the same zone hours before the party started. I really didn't give out much for clues, but it was interesting...

    my lowbie rogue stealthed, hiding... my guildies traipsing all across the zone searching for him. :D


  2. Lmfao! awesome - cruel though, stealthing. haha! Sounds fun :)