Monday, 11 May 2009


Oh dear, looks like we are up to our eyeballs in acronyms! (shortened words). Well, after reading a post by Mister K about content skipping by new 80s', which can be found here, I asked myself a question.

Does everybody enjoy going to 'old-school' raids? I came up with "No". My assumption of "No" being because we all certianly have different levels of memories-- and I know some people may not want to drag them up. Karazhan for example;

I loved, love, loving Karazhan-- i don't know why, is it the design? it certainly isn't the host, hes a bit angry. No, no, its the memories. The wipes. Being a raid leader there and looking like i knew what i was doing to 9 others, when really i was as lost as them-- but as a leader you act as somebody to be the first to explore uncharted waters. Although many bad things happened, the good over threw it.

Pre-TBC naxx, however, gives me horrible memories from wipes and bad sportsmanship, so i wouldn't want to go there again (although New Naxx is the same, its not.)

Baring this in mind, people may not want to do old stuff altogether, "out with the old and in with the new"-- but i treasure some of those memories, and this leaves me thinking weather level 60-80 should involve the same process we had to. But I'm not so sure. Even after writing this blog post I'm still not sure how i feel about the situation.


  1. For me this even goes to old 5mans. I've been asked a few times if I wanted to go through Shadow Labs for "fun." I'm sorry, I remember Shadow Labs from "back in the day" and there was nothing I found fun about it. I detested that instance!


  2. I definitely feel the same way about Shadow Labs, that place was just brutally long, with huge pulls that wiped you because the cloaked guy always popped in at the worst moment. Although thinking of that makes me remember how much I actually liked Shattered Halls because even though at first it was brutal once you figured it out it was a fun challenge to blow through the place.
    I also have those fond memories of Kara wiping on Moroes and Maiden, bitchin about horrible spawn points on Prince trying to explain Netherspite to new people was hilarious

  3. @Syrana: Yeha, never liked shadow labs either tbh....I love molten core though!

    @Mister K: Yeah shattered halls i never went until like-- i dont know- stupidly late into The Burning Crusade. It was real fun.

    Omfg - - NetherSpite, ROFL. I felt bad every time i new person came to this fight because people got bored of explaining- it was normal not to know what to do but after a while people lost the patience..

  4. I've recently been back to a couple of Outland instance just to get the achievement recorded. It felt weired that I had to do with in Mechanar, which I did like... hundreds of times. Anyway: it was actually much more fun than I had ever expected. Not that I'd like to do it repetedly, but one nostalgic trip was really enjoyable.

  5. yeah- gosh Mechanar....What a place; pure grind for that really nice sword..Sun eater. I know that place like i know the back of my shadowbolt.

    nostalgic indeed.