Sunday, 11 October 2009

And so it begins...

I mean, really. How excited am I for new soul shard system?
Pretty damn much.

How nervous am I that it makes me not enjoy Warlock?
not at all. As long as I get to fry brains practice dark magic and kick people I don't mind. Now what about your class? Worried, nervous? I don't blame you- doesn't mean your unloyal to your class for being worried, but sometimes I do get very attached to my class, sometimes I totally ignore all the other classes and only look at the warlock changes.

Sometimes, Only Sometimes;

But it happens none the less. And Then I think-- Is this classes as RP'ing? Surely not, because "I'm not talking like Medieval riff-raff, dear reader of the nether. Now then, Would you care to help me sly a dragon oh noble warrior?". But yet sometimes I get touchy about my class as if it was family, me, my profession- and I rejoice when things go right for my class.

What is this?