Friday, 10 July 2009

Impending Vanity.

So- here we are. Ulduar has been out quite a long time now- considering, and Naxxaramas is almost considered deceased, so how has my armoured evolved since? Quite simply, patchy.

My DPS, in my honest opinion is fantastic considering the lack of Ulduar epics I've had- I'm still coming 2nd or 3rd at least on DPS, but the only thing that troubles me is that now I'm starting to get Tier 8, I'm also becoming a battle of the ages.

I'm half Naxx tier, Half Ulduar. It looks OK, but at the same time strange. Its like two era's fighting for recognition- its bizarre. Having said that i quite like the look, it shows I'm seasoned in both places, like a warrior carrying the barrier of the decease yet still fighting in the new scenarios brought to him.

I also love the set bonus on both, but I've now lost the (4) set bonus on the tier 7, which grants 300 spirit (which is lovely if you've also got the lifetap glyph, I recommend to every warlock).

So, all i want now is some tier 8 shoulder to compleate my evil dracula look, and will rid me of tier 7 for all it seems, but will remain in my bank, as it looks fantastic when your killing people. :).

Long live warlocks.

P.s Yogg-saron is getting better, 40% so far!