Sunday, 24 May 2009

Zangarmarsh In My Backgarden?

Well - its strange you see, England has been having some pretty damn awful weather, it doesn't take a meteorologist to tell you that' -- but I will anyway, the weather sucked. But these last couple of days has been pretty paradise, especially today(technically yesterday as I'm writing this at 2 o clock in the morning). So, I did what I rarely do; I enjoyed the sun. Can of Pepsi. Back garden swing, observed my sun flowers (hey, us Warlocks have green fingers too!).

--On a side note Chelsea Flower show must of been great with the weather how it is!

Whilst drinking my Pepsi and admiring the view of the garden life-- WoW came into my mind. I was thinking "what looks better, my back garden or WoW?". An unusual question, hell I couldn't answer it at first-- but then I came to the conclusion of my back garden- comparing two places, my back garden and Zangarmarsh*my favorite WoW zone for beauty*. What would cause

such a question, comparison, spark of the imagination. Well, I'm not sure really- but here is my reasons: World of Warcraft is programmable, its a pretty as the creator wants it to be, and its done that way on purpose. Real life is random. No blue print- just a load of atoms poured into a everlasting vessel of void and valid. The accidental creation of my back garden by the local real estates deciding to build there, and the solar input, and percipitiation of the rain to cause growth is a lot more inspiring then a 3d Model Emulator that would be used for Zangarmarsh.

Imagine your back garden, hey it may not be up to scratch, but its yours. Possibly. Zangarmarsh, besides the fact Mushrooms of that size live in a fairy tale as oppose to England, is programmed. Purposely placed. When reading this, I want you to make the same comparison I did, think of how it became how it did, and compare it to your favorite WoW zone beauty wise.

You don't have to post what thoughts were provoked, but it'll provoke something that is for sure.


  1. Funny enough I've been pondering upon the same thing a bit lately. Every day as I've arrived at home after work I've been greeted by a blackbird, singing from the top of a tree. The beauty of the song is just stunning. And I've thought for myself that real life nature HAS a quality the WoW never can copy. It's the only-here-and-now feeling. The song of the blackbird won't be repeated exactly the same way again, since it's not programmed.
    Yeah, this time of year I should really spend a little more time in the backyard...

  2. Haha, yeah, its that kinda of thought your thinking that I was like. Was wondering if anybody else felt this way.

    And yeah, i try to, but i'm not a big lover of summer because its my unlucky peroid of the year, and i'm very grouchy in warm conditions