Thursday, 25 June 2009

Throwing Stones Across Forbidden Waters

We've been hit. We've been hit! Man the harpoons, lower the anchor, Midsummer is here!

And what do I think to the fire festival? Well, what I truly feel is within the element, fire.
A Lamenting Flame. A truly bolstering blaze blackening skies and darkening days to truly roar with crackles and snaps and truly destined to do just that.

But then,

It begins to lament, and the material fueling the fire begins to clog up the bottom of the pile, clog up my mind, clog me up completely.

The Lamenting Flame is exactly how I feel, when I enjoy getting gold from the Horde and Alliance fires (I mean, 5-13g per fire, fantastic!). But then, the flame laments when I get attacked by Horde when i left them alone. When I have to go a long way, when I have to do insane things because I murdered a few goblins(OK, I lied, I'm Bloodsail Admiral, but they looked at me funny!)

Something else that caught my eye for the first time;
Shadowprey Village, Its so beautiful. Off the West coast of Desolace, such a forsaken place, and suddenly a delightful dock of which the Horde bestow their finest fishing industrie. How odd. I never saw this place, so i sat on the dock proud as punch' despite clearly being in forbidden grounds, looking across forbidden waters, throwing stones, alarming guards.

For this reason alone', I admire the travelling of this bonfire task.

To be Quite Honest, I think the midsummer festival is a metaphor wrapped in a metaphor wrapped in juicy bacon. Its vibrant and busy, pretty fun, dancing Draenai fire and torch juggling is all fine and dandy, but after doing the elders' I've seen quite enough of Kalimdor for my liking. But Kromus, Kromus! Don't quit, you've done all the world events so far, and your half a year away from your violet proto-drake! These thoughts echoe my mind like the tortured screams of Arthas' victims amongst Icecrown.

I'm ever growing impatient with these bonfires, yet I love doing it. Such a double edge sword, would you agree? I can't help but feel mixed feelings about such an event. And as a off-note, what are we desecrating the horde bonfires with, I dare ask.


  1. Hm Kromus, what are you implying with your last question? Don't want to think the thought!
    But since there's only ONE place in Azeroth to go for such things (Grizzly hills) I guess you may be right.... :)

    I'll probably spend some more time getting flowers this weekend. For a pet on my mage and for xp on my druid. Listening to a podcast can be a way to make it more endurable. Try twisted nether.

  2. Likely the same thing I'm desecrating your alliance fires with Kromus

  3. @Larisa; I already listen to the twisting nether when i can, i like it alot :)

    And sorry to give you the thought! but it just reminds of that quest in grizzly hills so much too :P

    @charles: Oh how I love the thought, ;). Hehe.