Wednesday, 25 March 2009

I Just Cannot


Cast your eye's back to The Burning Crusade; what was argueably the most over-used an 'best' warlock spec? (-wait, there shouldnt be a best one >=[ )

Correct- ShadowDesto; and in case your not sure what that is- its speccing in Destruction for high crit and critical damage and spell power, then going down Demonology for Sacrificing Succubus for what used to be 15% shadow damage increase (stacks up a hell of a lot). Rotation? SPAM SHADOWBOLT.

I am a level 80 Warlock who is Destruction spec, which requires a decent amount of timing and it has a nice range, not having immolate on influences your damage greatly and dots can enhance your damage- via the Molten Core talent. However, blizzard are slowly creeping towards making Destruction about Spamming Incinerate, rather then shadow bolt. Same principle. I don't want a easy ride- yes Fire Destruction means Conflagorate Immolate and incinerate- but making dots so they waste global cool downs, means im stuck to one thing.

This could be me being over dramatic- but i really love the range- and cant wait to be Demonology for PvP as my Dual Spec. :D. But yes- there is my information blizzard; my two franks- Keep it interesting.


  1. Man, it will suck if locks go back to SB spam. They used to joke about that in TBC, faceroll the keyboard, bind everykey to SB, etc

    Worse part of it is that locks would spam 1 key and be top dps though. That is just not fun and too easy.

  2. It's all a matter of perspective, my dear Kromus, as you pointed out yourself the other day. In TBC playing arcane mage actually meant spamming one single nuke: Arcane Blast. And then try to manage mana best you could. I really enjoyed it. It's like a sort of... meditiation. Focus of mind.

    And yes - I'm an optimist at heart, always trying to see things from the bright side... :)

  3. @HP:
    Yeah, it would suck- and i hated how i would exclaim "yey i did good on dps" .."Yeah but your spamlock, you dont count".
    So yeah, no sense of achievement from it bieng too easy. Thanks for comment!

    Totally right about perspective, if you find it fun then fair enough; but at least with arcane you had mana to maintain, warlocks dont even have that- we just life tap, spam. tap. spam. So its much worse then Arcane :).

    However, i guess it can be fun cos you can concerntrate on other things some people cant in the encounter, but i haven't had a warlock disagree with me yet- hoping one will find this and prove me wrong.