Friday, 20 March 2009

Echoes of Absence

6 days....I hadn't logged on WoW in 6 days...
I've been engulfed in a desert of work and extra curriclum; i have sorely missed raiding for the week- what an absence. I certainly gained a higher level of apprication for WoW- having time to play means i can relax, because WoW is like a different world to take control of- and when i play i know all my work for the day in the 'real' world is compleate.

So- my absence was short lived but neccasary, i enjoyed raiding again- even though it was only a week away from melting faces- we had a fantastic high sprited raid yesterday, thursday- including the one shot of Malygos and bosses afterwards- no wipes. I missed it.

Echoes of the grind; grinding dailies, grinding real life duties. Sustainbilty- soon i know i may have to grind work and ding A levels, but until then we just have to keep trying to preserve the balance- work and play.

Like the Nelf Druids often and rightly say;
'Balance must be preserved"


  1. Awww, it was a blast, wasn't it? I especially enjoyed the safety dance. Second raid in a row, so it can't have been just hazard that we made it. Yay for us! Nice to have you back again, your craziness is one of the puzzlebits we need to feel like a complete guild.

  2. Haha, glad you think so =). I seemed to have got a positive response upon return at least! :D
    Safety dance :D!