Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Its Me, Nature.

Nature's View:
Life is the existence of creatures and living beings in constant cycles of life and death.

Some Human's Views:
Life is the birth of existence and creatures.

My View:
Unfortunately, life isn't cruel, but it is easier to say it is. Life is perfect balance of life, death and cycles of loss and gain. In Nature's eyes, if we died tomorrow, that wouldn't be a mass loss in life, as we would spark nutrition for plants and such, we would server a greater purpose in death for nature then any Eco-worker ever can- this may seem extreme, but that's how i perceive it.

Pretend your an Alien- can you do that for me?- good.

Your an Alien- imagine it. E--e---ar--- ea-- earrth--- earth? earth. I think its called earth.
What do you see when you look at Christianity? you know nothing of it its background, remember? your an alien.

Alien's View:
What do i see? i see a community- a place of belonging- i feeling of peers and significance and understanding of each other. I see a Guild. Why does it exist here? Is it luck?- no, its the need to belong and have rules- for what is man without rules...

Human's View:
I see the lord because i must, and will, to go to heaven. The alien is stupid, hes blind he cannot see the lord.

My View:
I see a cross section of Belonging and some for control. An outside view, an Alien's view can show you that in a sense, religion is a society, community, guild.

Now Look at your guild:
Look at its rules:-
Their not life and death rules, but there rules, established for different reasons purposes and influences. Socially, in a guild we feel more belonging- but for those who do not have guild because they do not seek belonging- "Not all who wander are lost". This isn't a game pun, this is a genuine fact.

There are different views in this world and the next: opinions too. There is a lesson to be learned- sometimes use somebody else's eyes, because if you didn't know that being blind was a handicap, you would think you was normal. Maybe were ALL handicapped, take the Alien view, contrast with your own and make a diagnostic from there. Do not fall into the trap of tunnel vision.

In case you didn't already know, i was once Guild Master of an excellent guild- but we must define Excellent. My definition of an excellent guild was somewhere i could happily be socially, professionally and without doubt of my fellow guild members.

In view, my guild that wasn't past Karazhan, in the eyes of raiders could be seen as bad. Now look from my eyes that guild, all of a sudden, can be seen as excellent. Define Excellent. Use different eyes.

This post is not a preach- its a different view.
Getting the Jist ;)?


  1. Hm. Not quite sure I get it. Are you suggesting that Guild Masters in fact are to be looked upon as priest in a sect like religion?

    Anyway - for all it's unclearness you put your different view in a beautiful way. And yes, I couldn't agree more about that you shouldn't be so quick to judge what is a succesful guild and what's not. It's all in they eyes of the beholder, depending on what things you value.

  2. I agree it can be slightly confusing to grasp-
    No- the guild master thing was another scenario, it was a excellent guild to me, a poor one to half the server.

    Guild Master is a role to help ease the community along-

    The moral of the post is "Think of a different view" as all the different scenarios mean different things to different people.

    Thanks for comment :)