Saturday, 28 March 2009

Pink Pigtail Inn

(unfortunatly due to strange and misspelt circumstances,
you'll have to click the image to view properly.)

I'm sure you've all stopped a night at Larisa's Inn, read a spell-book in bed and enjoy hot healthstones and mana-biscuits by the fire, and if you haven't- its more than worth a look.
This post is about how i enjoy reading about other peoples experiences in WoW and comparing them to my own- not just an excuse to explain how well written Larisa's posts are- although you'll see me mention that more then enough.

The Name:
Pink Pigtail Inn; Honour- i chose this name because of a post recently come to mention on her Blog- which can be found here.
Its linked to a special "Blog Award" that goes around, with certain rules to go with it- its not just a chain, its an interesting way to freely mention other peoples blogs that are worthy of mention, and a change to express some of your personal facts.

The Description:
I regularly read her blog- has its very creative and like i said, isn't it nice to have somebody elses eyes for a change? perspective- as i emphasise in my posts- and as she has replied;
I see a boring spam rotation, Larisa sees a relaxing rotation which allows her to concentrate on other important outlets(mana, etc).

I enjoy somebody to oppose my views; but only constructively. She ticks this box ten times over.

The Points:
In that post I've linked above, Larisa mentioned me as a "honoury award" and for this i think 40 points is the minimum i would give for that achievement. I didn't get on the list of awards specifically, but an honoury mention from a writer of her expertise and grace is enough for me.

Just a mini-poll, you don't have to reply an answer, however;
Glass half-empty, or half -full?


  1. Thank you so much for all your kind words. They really mean a lot to me.
    We all need a little bit of appreciation, don't we? No matter of age, no matter of how long you've been blogging and how established you are.

    The glasses at PPI are always filled, I hope. Not just half. But I know the idea... And I want to believe that tha glasses are half full, not half empty, in my world.

  2. Ah, Larisa, no problem :). Great to read your posts and appricates the comments i get from you.

    I should hope so, i mean- if an Inn only did half glasses id have to buy two to make a pint ;)- but yeah, half full is great.