Monday, 30 March 2009

You say Ulduar, I say...

Im very- very excited now: Theres big things happening, maybe things i shouldn't be excited about, but why am i so excited?- Warlock trainer? be my guide- why?

I think i know why.
Big changes, bad or good- cycles will be ruined, chaos shall return- theory crafters will get their teeth into lush lambs of lavish meat and publish their theories everywhere for people to sigh!

Does this make me an Anarchist?- no.
I love the chaos- its exciting- i shouldnt- i wouldnt but i will- i do.
Were all going to be in the same position- what do i do now? and i like that.
Equal footing, an opourtunity for all to shine- every instance for the first week shall be laborities- testing shall take place. We shall race. Race to find out the best rotation.

Its new- it sounds hard- it looks hard- i-cant-wait!
Bring on the wipes, new content- no more early raid night endings-
I cannot wait!

You say Ulduar, I say...
Bring it on.


  1. I honestly haven't looked that much into it yet. Does that make me a bad, careless player? But I promise, I'll have a look at the strats before entering it.

    And yes, I'm really looking forward to it, although new giant patches sometimes means quite a lot of technical worries trying to make the game including addons work decently again... But that's just something I have to deal with.

  2. It doesnt make you careless, if anything its better- means you concerntrating on everything in front of you. :) thanks for comment