Sunday, 5 April 2009

Three Drakes Down, Shepperd.

Just recently, , downed Sartherion with three drakes up for the first time- nothing left but 10 man 3d now.

Such Glory,
Such Achievement,
but have i been given a poison chalice?

I wasn't there for that fight. Id recently attended plenty of wipe-fests, but not the kill (due to my recent part-time absence). For me i feel, kind of strange really. I know i have contributed, we all have in the guild for being in the guild- but feel that my soul can not truly be at rest with this.

I was like a Shepperd, peering down at my meadow of satisfied sheep grazing to full growth and potential, but doing none of the grazing myself. It's a strange feeling- i could be wrong, but i don't know weather to put the kill under my belt or not-

Can anybody else relate to this? or maybe I'm alone in my nether of thoughts.

Even so, its a fantastic kill- im proud to be in my guild for doing such a hard task in a casual way.
We've truly got a great guild going on'.


  1. Ofc I understand the mixed feelings. I hope though that your realize that you DO have as much part in thet kill as the ones who happened to be there. We've been earning this one, wipe by wipe. Still I agree - emotionally it sucks not to be there, sharing the pure wave of joy as it arrives. Anyway: I think the coming kills will be as hard to do as the first one and require that everyone is on their toes... So I hope you'll soon too have the title in your pocket.

  2. I hope so too, but until then its going to be very tenous and hopeful.