Monday, 13 April 2009

Leveling, Wanting a Goal as Much as I Dont.

We'll take a mage portal back to my time in TBC(which, atm, I wish I could do back to)- Ignore the swirls and hurls, loops and all'. You'll get over the sickness- no tip required this mage owes me a favour. I loved playing my priest on the days i wasn't raiding or instancing on Kromus-

It was new. Any DPS only class will understand me here. Ever felt useless? i have, will, do.
I've watched the tank's impending doom in the form of a crit-- i've cried out wanting to give an offheal in the chance of an avoided wipe- i cant. But a priest- oh but a priest. Priests dont just heal- they heal and dps, dps and heal- buff the raid- they are deemed as light bearers, soulflayers and judgement holders all in one bundle of robes. I level as holy, the best frickin' spec. Good dps, high demand in instances. I was in love,

but don't tell my girlfriend ;). Even at level 2,4,6 the heal- it wasn't a matter of power, heck my heals sucked- it was something even in the real world people cry for. The choice. The decision.
Free will.

12,14,16, hey hey, new spells today! i was getting more excited- but what drove me more?
-Day 1; Raid Canceled- Healers needed
-Day 2; Raid Canceled- Healers needed

My guild at that time screamed for healers, but i was too far off to make a difference, but id of loved that- knight in shining armour- grace the raid with heals- and once more it wouldn't be a burden, i want to heal. I want to. The choice.

20, 22,24.




57. 57. 57. Still 57?

is it 58 yet? no. Come on. No more Azeroth- i wanna relive Outland. 57. 57. The thought raced around. 57. 50--7. 58. 58? 58!

58. This is where it became a dream- everything i did on Kromus is about to relived. All of a sudden my alt doesn't seem an alt. It seems important- "Gz on 58 Kromus"- Don't call me Kromus. Theres a new cowboy in town- Im Arkanite by name, Kromus by nature- get it the right way around!

As the adventure unfolded my destiny to become a healer became stronger- people constantly complimented me on my healing abilities- more so then my warlock abilities. Was this healer appreciation? or genuine fact? I don't know, and right now- i don't care.

I'm in a instance, 1 bar from ding- i know by the end of this run I'm guaranteed eternal glory- but how long? i can't bear it. I'm looking at skipped groups screaming "Please pull them- PLEASE".
and it happened.

70. You can guess the rest, Karazhan, Pakistan, you name it. I raid it. It was wondrous- i loved it, we wiped, boy we wiped. But i healed, boy i healed. Kromus was still important, heck his DPS was unmatched- Things were unbalanced, shadow bolt spam wins medals. But heals- boy did i heal. The dream would never die. The dream would never die. The dream would never die.

It did;
but not by choice.
Wrath of the lich king.
Suddenly, 10 more levels. After doing it on Kromus, i dont want to do it again.
I hate it.
I cant wait.
I want to heal instances.
I don't want to level.
I need to. I cant.

I want to heal again. I've seen groups pleading for a healer, Ive wanted to go, but i cant. An unworthy apprentice. Will i ever muster the strength to level again? only time will tell.


  1. We know you want to... It's just a hangup thing, trust me! I bet you never did all of the zones on Kromus - and considering the quality of the quests in Wrath, you've got much content left that is too good to be missed. Come on! Join the ranks of the alt army!

  2. True- i skipped scholzar basin- and only did a bit of Icecrown, its just getting their. Im'a love level 80 i just cant stand the leveling.

    I hope i can motivate myself soon!
    Alt army haha!

  3. One thing you can do is get in LFG and just pug heal all the way to 80, run a little here and there to get the dungeon quests but just a pug a run as a healer when you feel the need to heal. Either you'll level up or you won't want to heal anymore :0.

  4. Thats a good idea- ive kinda started doing that without realising it-- catching a glimpse of /2 and going "oh, i have this alt....",

    Thanks for posting!