Sunday, 26 April 2009

My Feelings On Ulduar..

OK so here it is; Ulduar.

In a previous post I mentioned a large amount of excitement for this patch- but even then I wondered if my Notorious Nether Needs would be satisfied, and in my opinion they were. Firstly we'll get down to buiness. Ulduar itself. The raid instance. The mostly highly anticipated part of the patch on par with Dual Spec. What does Kromus think to this new labyrinth. I think that

its red hot. First time I walked inside, i graced the field of Mechnical beings and thought- maybe im out of my depth. I took a while to contemplate the amount of tactics there may be for it, this place looks intense, but there wasn't too much. Mostly common sense *and a lack of it now days*. By now im excited but my palms are sweating, even my Imp is claiming he left the oven on, my head says "Run" but my Incinerate says "Lets get cookin".

Thus far, I am overally impressed with Ulduar, its got range all the way- all the bosses are different, and today I found a boss i may well propose to- and I call him "The Hand Man". This fight is amazing, you have to DPS not just the boss, but a choice of three body parts to weaken him- but they respawn. This is very intresting. And to make it better he fires lasors out his eyes. Im hooked. I want to wipe- I want to do it more, but unfornatly, Kologarn went down- and we then progressed to Iron Council- but thats another story.

What makes me like Ulduar? I think its the diversity. Some fights maybe be super hard and fun at first but tidious after- these fights however, wont ever get tidious. Outcomes change. Several ways you can do a boss *and several amounts of controversy, who should do what job?* and this is how a game should be, not just WoW.

Hard, but, fun.

Destruction is still amazing. Blue posts suggests it got nerfed' but if anything it just stayed the same but a little less intresting, but still great- I like being able to PvP with the same spec i can kick Ulduar's ass with.

I've Also been toying with Affliction, and its pretty good. I've always hated it until now, but its quite good- but for you Warlock's out there, if your going to try new specs, make sure you buy the lower rank spells from your trainer! Id be rich if i got a gold for every time i forgot :P.

As for Dual Spec, im not sure on my opinion yet...but i'll keep you updated!


  1. Oh yes I love it too! The levelty of difficulty seems to be tuned just perfectly (for our level, I guess there are others who would disagree, thinking it's too hard or too easy). I guess we'll grow tired of this one as well. Mind you, Karazhan was brilliant, but eventually we had seen it just too many times. Anway, that's in a far distant future.

  2. Yeah - I Loved Karazhan - then hated it - and I like it again because its regained its charm and uniquness. I'm not sure right now but Ulduar is still really well done regardless of its level of re-play.

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    Then it will work as it should!

  4. Ok, ive updated it - should work now. :)