Monday, 6 April 2009

What Race Dominates Stormrage?

Not from Stormrage?
No matter, this is a popular trend(but not 100%, some servers are unusual)- I'd like to look why.


Surprised? Not Surprised? either way its interesting. This graph is taken from a census of alliance stormrage, and EU server of world of warcraft. (The census is not my own, its completely taken off of, and there is no guarantee in its solidarity).

34% are humans- i can relate to this. I love fantasy games, but i prefer being myself, or as close as, in a fantasy environment. (so if you dropped me into world of warcraft id prefer that over being a gnoll of some sort). I don't know why- i just know and prefer it- So i can understand why this is. Second at 28% is Night Elf- a popular wow race and not too far off human. Again, any relation? at 3rd is Dranai, but i would relate this to its freshness and shaman links- i myself own an Enhancement Shaman, but hate Dranai, so its safe to say i wear a blindfold whilst playing.

Now, here's my surprise; Dwarves and Gnomes.
I, personally, own neither. I love them, but i hate being one. However, I'm surprised at this result, i know a lot of gnomes, but this is why statistics can be interesting.

So, if Humans dominate Stormrage Alliance- what dominates the horde of stormrage? My guess is bloodelf- humanish and because freshness and paladin links- buts that's my guess, whats yours?


  1. I'm going to guess Blood Elves and/or Undead. When do we get to see the Horde reveal?! ;)


  2. I would guess Blood Elves and Undead too. I've just posted the other half of the results ;). Sorry for the wait and slow reply;

    Hope you enjoy the results its slightly intresting but as an overall quite insightful.