Saturday, 11 April 2009

What Horde Race Dominates Stormrage?

This post is Continued from "What Race Dominates Stormrage?"; and i left the post on a bit of a loose end, which horde race would dominate? Heres my Pre-Thought.

Personally, one thing that drew me to play the horde for the first time was the thought of being a Blood Elf; an attractive yet sinister race, addicted to magic in a way people who deem unimaginable- just look at Kael'Thalas. I also feel that Undead are in with a chance, as they are my 2nd favorite race- i love being Undead; i love the story of the forsaken, i love how dense the storie lines can be in that direction, and the metaphor of life(human) and death(forsaken) fighting for a place in this world.

Thats my prediction, in a nutshell, Undead Or Blood elf, now heres the results;

Right on the bill; Blood Elfs. Its hardly suprising but still nice to see a correct prediciton :).
In second place however, although only 1% Difference, is Tauren > Undead. Tauren can be just as cool, but i still expected more Undead, but again this is why i love statistics, seeing my opinions and predictions counter by hard facts. Was this surprising for you?

So Humans and Blood Elves Dominate the server; and the Blood Elves being rather charming and relatively human, this makes perfect sense. I prefer being a human in a fantasy world, but there is nothing wrong in wanting it the other way around.

Hope you enjoyed this two part-post blog :)



  1. Actually, I'm not too surprised by the amount of Tauren, now that I think about it.... they are the only ones in tune with nature enough to be druids. Plus, they have some decent racials. Heck, my second character ever (long since deleted though...) was a Tauren hunter! :)


  2. Really? i have a Tauren warrior- Level 29- i must agree i certainly enjoy the Broadness of a Tauren warrior a Human cannot really give- and the racials really are perfect suited :).

    It was quite intresting looking at these statistics to be honest :)

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