Sunday, 19 April 2009

Gone Fishing'

Recently we had a post on the guild forum; and it pretty much stated that were were running low on fish feasts, and if we were to continue using them, we would need a bit more fishing from everybody rather than lots from just two or three people. This is when i thought to myself.


My Fishing was low- i think it was 45, if that. I couldn't stand fishing. Having to change fishing spots to correspond with the level- i loved fishing at Stormwind, but it can only last so long.
Until patch 3.1. Fishing can now occur everywhere, but your fishing has to match the level of that area to fish anything of use- instead of driftwood. You heard correct. You can fish and level up in Northrend even if your fishing is level 1. But is fishing boring? Most people say yes. They call it a burden, but for some reason, I'm in love.

I love fishing. I'm hypnotized by the feathers on that bobber. I love the brief excitement of catch or crap when you loot. I enjoyed leveling up- i enjoyed fishing up old Ironjaw (in 5 casts). It keeps me calm. I've found a pre-bedtime past time. It helps me relax.

This weekend alone I've got my fishing skill to 300, caught 100 nettlefish for the guild bank, and successfully found myself a new past-time in WoW- and whats even better is the possibility of the Turtle Aqua mount, adding even more excitement to each cast.
(Remember, you can only have a chance of catching the turtle by fishing from Northrend fish schools).

So there you have it. A new hobby that i love inspired by a Guild bank request. Lets see what happens next, and if i get the turtle mount, ill sure be posting it on here :)


  1. Well done! Thats quite an achievement to level fishing so quickly. My eyes would have been bleeding by now after staring so intensly and long at the screen... You don't want to miss the catch!

    Actually there seem to be many players who have been inspired to fish. I went to fish in BT and there were people standing by every pool! Amazing to see.

  2. Fishies :D
    i dont mind, i find it relaxing rather then eye-bleed.