Wednesday, 15 April 2009

First Time.

Today I'm going to give blood. Its my first time- don't look away, this isn't unrelated to WoW.

I'm going to give blood for the first time, and last night, i was slightly nervous.
A pint(or close to) of blood is going to leave my body- it seems such a big thing, it helps many people- and i know by doing it I'll feel better for it knowing I've saved somebody.

Its that first Step; and after reading Larisa's post (Here) about her daughter wanting to snowboard, first times, etc- It reminded me of all the "First times" we all face, in and out of WoW.

My first time in Karazhan. Magical. What a beautiful doorway. Look at the carvings on the wall, whats that door for? whats that one? better not ask- I'll seem a noob. Back then it was still KTM threat meter, and i hadn't got a recount like addon- i was doing naff all DPS and i knew it. I dare not over-aggro- i dare not falter- i dare not die.

Today i feel like I'm re-living that Karazhan scenario. Whats the reactions to giving blood? why does it help? should i be nervous- better not admit it.

I've seen people heroically deal with their first times without sweat or second thought- but i do not envy them. The first time nervous experience is something to look back on- when today(hopefully) goes ahead, ill know it wasn't such a big deal(in terms of sacrifice, it makes a huge deal for the patient). It was the same with Karazhan, Malygos.....Even three drakes, we killed for the second time last night, calmly.

The first time can be something to look back on- a memoir of how scared you were.
Buck up ol' kromie. Its for the greater good. Maybe ill meet Atunmen the Huntsman at the donation hall.

We'll see.


  1. Awww... Don't fear! You definitely don't need any teacher to give blood, trust me! You'll hardly notice it. (But I'd recommend you not to watch it as it flows out of your body, at least I feel a bit sick doing that).

    There's really something special about "first time". Oh, I can't wait to enter the doors of Ulduar!

  2. Yeah it went great- i didn't mind it at all :).
    haha glad now- going to keep going every three months ofc! went awesomely well im surprised.

    yeah first time is awesome. Cant wait to do Ulduar tonight, wipe or not.