Friday, 24 April 2009

Work Critted Me For Over 9000!

OK, so its a bit of a exaggeration- but it still hurt!

Work and play.
Ying and Yang.
Fire and Brimstone.
Sun and moon.

Work and play doesn't fit in that list to me. Equal value is something I believe in; if no good then no evil, no dark no light, etc. I'm a believer in chain reactions too, so yes, i do not believe in Physical time travel, but i believe you can do it mentally. -(On a side note I don't believe time exists).

Do you ever feel like playing WoW instead of work? but when you get to WoW- it makes you feel so unproductive, even when you've finished for the day- you just wanna scream? cos' i do.
Whenever I'm revising hard for exams i lose my will to play for too long, as i feel like I'm committing a seven deadly sin- I can't handle the relaxed pace.

This is why i think work and play does not fit, like Ying and Yang- but more so work blinds play and oppresses it to believe it is sinful, when it truly is not- but feels like it until you realise it.

Although i do not believe in time (In terms of philosophy, i still use watches and stuff don't worry, but that's not time as we know it), i would still like to practically have a time machine so i can do all my work then play for a small eternity- but not too long- as I'll miss the responsibility.

Raiding feels more productive though- so i can do that for long periods of time. I'm achieving something.

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  1. Just reading your archives, after recently finding this blog, and had to comment on this post. I COMPLETELY ( correct use of caps ;) ) agree with you on time does not exist. Although, you would have to wish for a machine that travels through different spatial states rather than a 'time machine' :D