Monday, 2 March 2009

Déjà vu

Déjà vu:
Déjà vu to me sometimes feels a bit of a sensory experience, sometimes expressing out loud how you've experienced this current situation already, and the whole room with- what at least presently feels as a series of choreographed replies; "Déjà vu"."Déjà vu". The feeling you've experienced something before, or something similar. I often find it surreal. I've experienced Déjà vu on many occasions, but on one specific occasion last year, in World of Warcraft, a Déjà vu hit me- because i was stung by a Microcosm;

a smaller version of the chaos i had recently read was coming into play. 'Lord of the Flies'- a novel written by William Golding, a novel which highlighted how a group of people, young boys, with no rules, society or pre-made authority, can soon spiral into barbaric struggles for survival- from themselves.
Two potentials leaders causes a division in the group, and shows how an isolated environment making there own rules can turn a boy into little more then a prowling wolf reflecting the glare of the moon in its bottomless eyes. I was struck. Déjà vu had crit'ed me for 100k, and still had mana to spare.

The Guild:
The guild was in uproar, true colours were shown, painting out a rainbow of hidden horrors i hoped wouldn't become of my fellow guild members, even friends. Now foes? I hold no grudge, just confusion. Struggles for power, what power? Pixels? No. I didn't understand at the time, there was something worth fighting for, but what? It was almost political, a group of people, two potential leaders, one guild master, countless hidden authorities. Ranks offered as privilege soon became foreseen as a given right. Alliances were unfolded in seconds, the guild declined in numbers, a disruption was made for no reason, yet i feel some resource must of driven them. Surely the crave for power would not drive somebody to exile themselves- corrupt. I still talk to many of those today, as close players, struggles and wishes sometimes planted for their own will. Sometimes.

'Lord of the Flies'. Déjà vu. Microcosms. Society, World of Warcraft. At first glance not entirely linked, yet that day bound together by an event still un-explained today. What gain? What cost? People influence the experience, WoW is no simple game of code sealed with lore, people influence the game; Déjà vu kicked in and my higher understanding of WoW and People moved my experience bar up, i was learning. Journeyman had begun.

Maybe people are WoW?

Alexander Calder [Warlock Trainer]:
"Open your spell book at the Destruction tab, Kromus. You've much more to seek and learn..."


  1. I see you have started up a new blog, I look forward to reading your views warlocky and not. I replied to your comment, I would say orcs, trolls, humans and night elves. Although taking it down to two is tough, I just dont feel blood elves are very in the spirit of warcraft. . .

  2. Unfortunately, I never lost my love for the Human, Undead counter - i perceieve almost as a metaphor for life and death. Life thinks it has more of a right: yet death - the undead - feels it is an equal opportunity, or more of a right. So, I'm not sure about the lack of Warcraft-ness via the Undead, but blood elf i agree was a shallow choice, i merely like their look...not their story.

    Thankyou Fish, and I look forward to you reading them. I understand the difficulty in choosing two each faction, intresting choices though :).

  3. Hip hip horray! Another glorious blogger is born!

    I was wondering a bit what you would be like. Being a nice and entertaining person in guild chat is one thing, being a writer is another. But I shouldn't have worried.You've got the talent and the wit it takes to suit my taste for WoW blogs. Now you just proof that you're serious about this, serving me a few more posts and I'll have the pleasure to add you to my blogroll.

    Welcome to the WoW Blogosphere! You've already been found by Fish, another blogger that I like and follow. That's a great start! Cheers!

  4. Haha, thankyou Larisa. A speical thankyou of course as you were the person who showed me that blogging is a great thing- my inspiration.

    I enjoyed writing this first post, but what i enjoy more is the delightful, thoughtful comments that dont neccasarily agree but have the depth required for a intresting discussion or review.

    Thanks for getting me into this amazing blog'msphere and thanks for all the other help and nice comments, fun! :).

  5. Very good read there kromus, I look forward to your next post.

  6. Very in depth and a nice use of metaphors. I do like your comparison to 'Lord of the Flies' which is very true to WoW as well. I look forward to your later posts

  7. Thanks Ostaker, i look forward to your comments. Im glad it was a good read for you as for me it was an enjoyable write.

    Im glad you feel the comparison is very true aswell, Chimeran. Thanks for your comment.

  8. Splits seem to be normal anywhere people can find something small to care about more than they should.

  9. @birdfall
    yeah it certainly seems that way- in anything.